Theodore and the Enchanted Bookstore

Poor, poor Theodore. He was born a painfully awkward, near-sighted little Corgi, and things only seemed to worsen as time progressed. Despite a briefly joyous stint with his adoptive Mum, Theodore quickly found his little world crumbling with the addition of a human baby who he kept tripping, running into, and generally aggravating. It wasn’t long before Theodore found himself at the end of a short leash on a long walk down the intake line at the local dog shelter. Thoroughly disenchanted with the world, Theodore had all but given up hope of ever being anything but a bumbling, unloved, miserable little dog. Then, in walked Sam.

The kindly proprietor of a local Bookstore, Sam took the deflated little dog under his wing and into his heart. It wasn’t long until the magic of Sam’s love and the warm respite of his wondrous Bookstore had restored Theodore’s joy and returned the light to his eyes. Or was it light at all? There seemed to be something more to this Bookstore, and to the Spectacular Spectacles that Sam procured to help with Theodore’s strained eyesight. Things were coming alive—the Bookstore, the stories. Suddenly Theodore could see everything so clearly. He could see magic around every corner, and in every page. He was no longer an awkward little sausage with legs. He was an adventurer. He was the author of his own story, and destined to rewrite all of the stories that welcomed him into their pages—inside the Enchanted Bookstore.

Tale of the Spectacular Spectacles
Theodore and the Enchanted Bookstore, Book One

by K Kibbee

Living life as a bumbling breadbox with fur was hardship enough for Theodore the Corgi, but when the young dog finds himself cold and alone in a frightening animal shelter, it would seem he's fated for folly.