• Never Foul A Jump Shooter

    Never Foul A Jump Shooter

    The one book that every basketball fan, or their significant other, needs on their TV table!

    NEVER FOUL A JUMP SHOOTER, A Guide To Basketball Lingo, Lessons and Laughs, began as the author having fun with a few quirky basketball expressions, such as “penetrate and dish” and “a foul waiting to happen.” But then it just kept growing into a humorous look at wonderfully colorful basketball expressions.

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  • The Raven Queen

    The Raven Queen

    The second book in the Forests of the Fae trilogy! Spoiler alert – another cliffhanger ending!

    A summer spent untangling a century-old mass disappearance, communing with ghosts, fleeing dark Fae Folk, and enduring her nefarious cousin Lexie would seem like tribulation enough for 13-year-old Anne, and yet her struggles have only just begun.

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  • Tale of the Spectacular Spectacles

    Tale of the Spectacular Spectacles

    He barks, he talks and he saves the day! Join in the adventures of Theodore and his spectacular spectacles!

    Living life as a bumbling breadbox with fur, was hardship enough for Theodore the Corgi, but when the young dog finds himself cold and alone in a frightening animal shelter, it’s clear that his struggles have only just begun.

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  • Bigfoot


    Join the Mattigan kids as they look for – and find – Bigfoot, in this first of the Mysterious Monsters series!

    The Mattigan kids don’t believe in things that go bump in the night. After all, their dad is famous for proving such things are impossible. But, when their long-lost Grandpa Joe shows up with his Mysterious Monsters journal, begging for help, the siblings find themselves drawn into a search for Bigfoot.

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I met Roscoe while walking in my Pasadena neighborhood. I captured him just before a squirrel captured his attention. Roscoe is too - shall we say, short of leg - to catch the squirrels but he likes to stare them down. Thanks Vianca, for sharing Roscoe with us!

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