Incorgnito Publishing Press does not limit submissions by genre. We publish great stories whether they be fiction or non-fiction and across genres. At this time, however, we do not publish poetry or children’s books. We do publish middle grade and young audience.

If you would like to submit unsolicited work to Incorgnito Publishing Press for review, please email the following to

1. Your complete bio including any writing awards, list of books written and contact information
2. Any societies, associations or organizations you belong to or that have recognized your work (not related to books)
3. Your social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook or other active accounts
4. Brief s why anyone would want to read your book
5. Brief description of your book
6. The first three chapters of your book
7. Is your book a series?
8. Do you own or control all rights to your work?

After initial editorial review, we will contact you should there be interest in your work. At that time, we may request the complete book. Please note, that we will assign an editor to work with you to develop your book and you as an author should we move forward. Therefore, in some cases, a finished work is not necessary it the story is compelling. This can be especially true of non-fiction works.

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