‘Ovation TV’ to Develop “The Chronicles of Ara” Miniseries


Incorgnito Publishing Press, publisher of the acclaimed fantasy book series “The Chronicles of Ara”, would like to congratulate fantasy novelists Joel Eisenberg and Steve Hillard on their deal to develop the 8-Volume Series into an 8-hour miniseries.


Variety has confirmed that Ovation TV will develop the project into a miniseries. TV News Editor Whitney Friedlander wrote, “The comprehensive pact includes an eight-hour miniseries based on the first two novels of the duo’s eight-volume “Chronicles of Ara” book series, with an option to explore the remaining books for a possible ongoing series and further spinoffs.” Read the Article

The Chronicles of Ara is a journey in the world of fantasy and art, whose central character, Ara, a corrupted muse who inspires all the world’s artistic creation. Eisenberg and Hillard use parallel storylines to explore history’s darkest authors (J.R.R. Tolkien, Mary Shelley, Lewis Carroll, H.G. Wells, Edgar Allan Poe) as characters amidst the creation of their greatest works.

“This series has really made an impact on people and has us no longer taking our artistic creations for granted”, said Incorgnito Publisher Michael Conant, who will be helmed the book release of Volume One, “The Chronicles of Ara: Creation”. Volume Two, “The Chronicles of Ara: Perdition” is set to be released November 15th, 2015 through Topos Books, an imprint of Incorgnito Publishing Press.

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