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Seattle based Lovely Books has teamed up with Pasadena Based Incorgnito Publishing Press to present a national tour of Alicia J. Love’s novel series, The Seven Uniters .

An indie author, Alicia decided, in her infinite wisdom, to promote her books the old fashioned way. Her lease was up, and instead of signing a new one she took a leap of faith and changed her life forever. She cleaned out her savings account and purchased a truck and camper for her travels across the country.

Some called Alicia crazy, and told her it would never work. Then she talked to Incorgnito Publishing Press. They know Alicia from her past work and, as a small indie publishing press, understand too well the challenges an indie author faces. They decided to join the craziness and sponsor the tour. What does Incorgnito get for the sponsorship? “We get to have our brand travel the country, painted on the side of Alicia’s truck”, says Incorgnito President, Michael Conant. “And , we get to participate in the spirit of Alicia’s journey” Conant added.

Follow Alicia as she crosses the country! If you see her truck on the road, honk and wave! If you see her at a book store or event or just at your local Walmart, take your picture in front of her truck and post it on social media.  Send us the link and Alicia will give you a free Ebook of The Seven Uniters and we will give you a Free Ebook of ANY Incorgnito book you chose.

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Next Stop For the Love Tour! UA Mall, Tucson, AZ, United States The Tuscon Festival of Books, located at the UA Mall in Tuscon, March 12th-13th
Alicia Promoting Authors 6428 S McClintock Dr, Tempe, AZ 85283, United States Alicia at The Changing Hands in Tempe, AZ!
Grand Canyon 36.10406300126876,-112.1551396697759 Alicia seeing Awesomeness



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