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K Kibbee is a delightfully contrary Pacific Northwest writer with a fascination for all things literary. Kristine’s passion for creative writing began in her early youth and led her to the doors of Washington State University, where she earned a degree in Humanities, with a focus in Professional Writing. Kristine has since had works published in The Vancougar, The Salal Review Literary Review, S/Tick Literary Review and is a featured columnist for the nationally syndicated magazine, Just Frenchies.

Kristine’s novella, The Mischievous Misadventures of Dewey the Daring, is available on Amazon.com and her middle-grade fantasy novel, Whole in the Clouds, new, extended version of Kibbee’s middle-grade fantasy novel. “Whole in the Clouds” will be released by Incorgnito Publishing in January of 2016. She anticipates the publication of her comedic collection of dog stories, Frenchie ‘Tails,’—which are short, cheeky and ripe with mischief– in November of 2015.

Incorgnito is proud to publish K Kibbee’s New YA Trilogy FORESTS of the FAE. Book One, Devlin’s Door available now.

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