Cynthia Kyriazis

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Cynthia Kyriazis shares with you the best organization and time-management principles of her 25-year professional career as a productivity trainer and coach to clients from small business owners to Fortune 500 companies: Principles that are proven, effective, and most importantly, applicable to your life, work, and business.

Kyriazis provides coaching and instruction on how to build the foundation for time management success: Getting Organized. Once you have mastered this formerly ‘easier-said-than-done’ principle, your time and newly found focus will facilitate the building of the things you really want to be successful at: goal-setting, prioritizing, scheduling, communications, boundary-setting, and delegating, to name a few.

It really all does begin with organization, so procrastinate no further.
Get Organized. Get Focused. Get Moving.

Incorgnito is proud to publish author Cynthia Kyriazis:
Get Organized. Get Focused. Get Moving.: How to Avoid Productivity Potholes.

Available February 2016.

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