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David Margrave: The Plumber Who Outwitted the IRS

by David Margrave

The entirety of our monetary system has been proven to be flawed by a small-town South Pasadena, California plumber. How flawed? He paid not only his bills and the IRS, legally, in gold coins, he never utilized standard notes, checks or credit cards for over 30 years.

David never set out to “beat the system.” He set out to work within the system, as defined to the letter by our lawmakers and Founding Fathers. To get there, he has fought federal politics, faced prison time, divorced his wife due to bureaucratic necessity, was threatened with his fair share of violence and death threats and is considered a “conspiracy theorist” by many. His years of research into the history of money and coins in the United States and his unparalleled knowledge of the IRS code, set this David on a crash course with the Goliath IRS that only Howard Hughes before him had dared attempt. He is the only known American to have lived entirely on the gold standard, legally.